Wooden Chair Feet

05 March 2014

All Woodbender furniture is manufactured in solid Ash timber and comes standard without any felt pads or glides. Ash timber is a hard wood and Woodbender has found through years of experience that leaving the feet of a chair uncovered is the best option for most floor surfaces.

There are basically four surfaces commonly used on the feet of chairs, namely felt pads, nylon glides, rubber glides and natural wood. The pros and cons of each are as follows: a felt pad will work on all surfaces except carpeting, however the durability is questionable and will require regular changing which could cause the leveling of the chair to become a problem. In addition the chair could also wobble.

Nylon glides will work on carpeting and is generally good on tile and wood/laminate flooring however over time the centre fastening nail can become a problem, as the nylon wears away over time leaving the securing nail exposed. The rubber pads do not work well on tile and wood/laminate flooring as they do not allow a chair to glide easily over the surface and this resistance may cause structural damage to the chair over time.


The wooden foot of the chair has been found to provide minimal friction on carpets and wears evenly. The one downside is that the uncovered wooden foot can be noisy depending on the floor surface. It has however proven itself over the past 25 years to be by far the most popular general purpose leg finish in the industry.

Photo by Anna Lusty: Made in my camera

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