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20 March 2012

Woodbender is very proud to announce it's new website that is being launched. The website may look similar to the previous one however there are major improvements to the functionality.

You will notice that on our home page there are additional tabs. Timber finishes, Logistics and Blog.

TIMBER FINISHES: Has improved images of the various stain options available when purchasing furniture from us. The images are as representative as possible to the stains in reality and clearly illustrate the way in which the stains will vary depending on the wood; going darker and lighter depending on the grain.

LOGISTICS: Is a new and valuable service that Woodbender is now capable of offering. While Woodbender has delivered to local destinations in the past we are now also able to export our furniture to countries both in Africa and overseas. We have provided box types in this section and also in the product information as a specification for all the products that are shipped regularly. 

CATALOGUE: The new product catalogue has been uploaded onto the website as well as the Life Style catalogue "Woodbender for Life." Both of these can be found down the left hand side of every web page (except the home page). The catalogues are available to be downloaded off of the website.

BLOG: Is a space that we have created to replace our newsletter. It is where we would like to share with you all of our news and events. Watch this space for new products, competitions we are taking part in, as well as exciting store installations and other various things we think you would be interested to know about.

When viewing our products you will notice that there is now the option to compare products in a table which will allow you to contrast various specifications such as footprint, fabric requirements etc.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for an item or various items you are now able to put together a shopping cart and request information on a number of products when in the past this had to be done individually.

Another area that we are exploring is the world of social networking. We have developed a Facebook page and twitter account which we would love you to "like" and "follow" us on. There are links down the side of every page which you can feel free to click on.

I trust by the time you got to "Blog" you had already explored our new website. We are very excited for all the improvements and we hope it will make it even more user-friendly than it was before.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our web designer Stephan Olivier for all of his hard work and patience with us as he got the new website exactly how we want it.

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