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04 April 2012

After the start of the development of the Woodbender 2012 calendar began the epic journey of the much anticipated catalogue. Woodbender's look has constantly evolved and changed over the years, ranging from black and white, bold bright colours, nature settings to the current muted and understated neutral palette. With this new catalogue it was decided to place an even stronger emphasis on the products by making them generic in their timber finish and fabric choice. We wanted the lines and features of the chairs to stand out over their colour and fabric.

Our very talented photographer Anna Lusty spent weeks photographing all of our chairs and tables in both mug shots and our beloved hero shots. She managed to capture the unique "personalities" of each piece transforming them from a standard piece of furniture to something very special. One of the directors of Woodbender has always believed that Woodbender furniture is more than "just a chair" and for the first time we feel that this is portrayed through the photos.

From the photographs began the challenging task for our graphic designer Deanne Longmore to design and develop a layout that could cater for our extensive range of 140 different pieces showing them off against each other in a way that complimented each one. Our copy was carefully co-ordinated and constructed by Vanessa Marinos, making sure to be true to the Woodbender brand in the tone and words chosen. As a team of photographer, designer, copywriter and co-ordinators (Shirley Mast and Tony Marinos) the catalogue was born on the 1st of March. Have a look if you haven't already. Needless to say we are very proud of what has been produced.

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