Woodbender for Kids

18 September 2013

Woodbender specialises in dining furniture for the hospitality industry and has built their business primarily around that market. It is only natural then that they extended their range to include a collection of children's dining furniture. The Woodbender Children's Collection uses the same methods of manufacture used in the standard furniture. Each piece is carefully hand made using solid bentwood Ash timber. By using these methods Woodbender ensures a product superior in strength and durability and able to withstand even the most robust child.


Woodbender's Children's Collection includes a chair and table set, a rocking chair and three different high chair options. The chair and table set has been extensively used in schools and on large orders the heights of the chairs and tables have been modified to suit older age groups. The Toscana Rocking Chair is unique to other rocking chairs on the market and adds a beautiful addition to a nursery. The highchairs are carefully designed so that the child can sit at the table with the family. The highchairs pull up to the table and the eating surface is therefore the same as everyone else at the table. The Classic Toddlers Diner has been used in numerous franchise groups and with it's use of bentwood rings is a signature piece in the dining room.

As with all of Woodbender's furniture, the colour of the Children's Collection furniture is up to the client to choose. Timber finishes from our standard options is included in the price but should the client require a specific colour on the timber, this can be done with a small additional charge.

All photography by Anna Lusty, Made in my camera

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