Woodbender bar stools with a focus on the INDABA

19 August 2016

At Woodbender we are more widely known for our dining chairs, but the bar stools range is just as big and exciting. Did you know ALL of our bar stools have accompanying chair and kitchen stool options? Chair_kitchenstool_barstool Bistro chair, kitchen stool and bar stool With the same manufacture methods and principles used in making the dining chairs, Woodbender bar stools are made from imported solid Ash timber that is steamed and bent into shape. This creates a uniquely strong and durable stool that excels in high traffic applications and environments. All Woodbender furniture is made with the hospitality market in mind; there is a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the joinery and assembling of the bar stools.  Indaba Paddleback Bar Stool & Holly. Indaba Paddleback bar stool and Holly tub The Indaba stool is a favourite for its interesting shape and extravagant showcase of the bentwood backrest. It is available in four different styles, namely the Indaba Fully Upholstered, Indaba Back & Seat, Indaba Ladderback and, as pictured, the Indaba Paddleback. These stools are popular in large bar areas where space is readily available. They can often be found in lodges and private homes. indaba_fully_upholstered_kitchen_stool indaba_back_and_seat_kitchen_stool indaba_ladderback_kitchen_stool indaba_paddleback_kitchen_stool Indaba Fully Upholstered; Indaba Back and Seat; Indaba Ladderback and Indaba  Paddleback bar stools

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