Woodbender and BHC Design School Students

26 October 2012

Photograph by Anna Lusty Photography Woodbender had the honour of being a part of the BHC Design School and their HCert in Interior Decorating learners in the Chelsea Diner Project. Woodbender approached the school and offered them the opportunity to take a raw Chelsea Diner and finish it off in what ever way they felt inspired to do so. BHC Design School then further added that the students would have to style their "artwork" in a contextualised environment creating a backdrop for the chair. This set up the set for the talented Maryatta Wegerif to come in and professionally photograph each scene. The students came to visit the facotry the day after they received their brief to get a short background on the company by Charles Mast and to see the bentwood process for themselves. They had a complete tour of the factory with a detailed demonstration at the upholstery department of how Woodbender upholsters the Chelsea Diner. They then left a little bewildered and began the process or conceptualising their ideas and implementing them practically. Finally the day arrived where Woodbender could go and see what the students had come up with. Needless to say we were blown away, such talent and creativity produced in such a short space of time. Woodbender would like to thank each and every student and lecturer for the master pieces that were created. To illustrate their achievement, they were provided with the below raw frames... And managed to come up with 12 remarkable new looks for the Chelsea Diner... (All images by Maryatta Wegerif)

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