Winning BHC Student Chair Design

15 November 2013

The end result of a wonderful project collaboration with BHC Design School is seen in the finished product of winner Tanja Visser's manufactured chair design.

Tanja Visser was one of the BHC Design students who took part in the project collaboration between BHC Design School and Woodbender. The brief was to design a restaurant chair within the manufacturing capabilities of Woodbender's wood bending processes. Out of her class of 28 students Tanja's design was chosen by Charles Mast, co-owner of Woodbender, as the winning design.

As part of her prize Tanja's chair was manufactured at the Woodbender factory. Tanja visited the factory to see her handiwork of the past few weeks completing the process of concept to product.  She chose a Natural Oak timber finish and was thrilled with the results.

The chair will be used at the BHC Design School Open Day. In 2014 Woodbender will be displaying it on relevant platforms where after the chair will be given to Tanja. 

This has been a wonderful opportunity for both Woodbender and the students. Woodbender enjoys the opportunity of working with young designers and giving them opportunities that could enhance their training and learning. 

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