Using furniture as an accent piece

15 October 2014
Woodbender offers their clients the opportunity to create unique one off pieces through the customisation of fabric and timber finish. The combinations of chair style, fabric and timber finish are endless. The benefit of offering a fully customisable product is that designers can create unique pieces to perfectly suit the interior they are designing. This is also true for homemakers who are looking to exercise their creative flair and create pieces that reflect their personality and personal taste. HAMPSHIRE LOWBACK TWO SEATER  
With this in mind Woodbender has some tips on creating a statement piece to introduce to your interior as a talking point and anchor to the space.  
1. Don't match
A statement piece in a room can only be an accent piece if it stands out and catches the eye. It therefore can't blend in with the rest of the furniture. You can achieve this through changing the colour, pattern or texture of the fabric; use a contrasting timber finish; choose a different style of furniture. You can make the statement as bold or as subtle as you want whilst still creating an impact.  
2. Love the fabric
Regardless of how bold you want to go and how adventurous you want to be with the fabric it is essential that you choose a fabric you love and will love for a long time. A striking accent piece will lose its impact if you are not 100% in love with the fabric you choose.  
3. Tie it in with accessories
If you want to be bold with your accent piece but are worried about how it will work in the space you can always tie it in with accessories in the room. This can be achieved through introducing complementary scatter cushions, a table cloth, lampshades, or rugs.  
Woodbender's product images as seen on the website are styled in a neutral palette as a blank canvas for you to work from. Choose your style and timber finish with us then advise on the fabric you love most to dress your new accent piece in.

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