Upholstery trend: Neutral and simple

02 April 2014

When it comes to upholstering a beautiful piece of furniture it is imperative that the fabric you choose is complimentary to the piece you have chosen. Upholstery fabric ranges from solid colour, to textured colour, to small patterns, large patterns, stripes, prints and the list goes on. While all of these different styles are beautiful they may not always show off your furniture the best.

During Woodbender's visit to IMM Cologne and Mason & Objet in January it was clear the hottest trend in furniture upholstery was to keep the fabric as neutral and simple as possible. Colour was explored but often the colours were neutral beiges, charcoals, dove greys and browns. Why this trend isn't boring is because the simplicity of the fabric is complimented with beautiful stitching detail, buttoning and the form of the furniture piece itself. More elaborate patterns and prints on upholstery fabric distract from the lines and details of the furniture piece. The emphasis is placed solely on the fabric and the furniture is merely a surface upon which the fabric is displayed. A further benefit to keeping furniture upholstery neutral and simple is that it increases the lifespan of the piece and allows for fashionable accessories to be used and changed, keeping the look fresh and relevant.




Woodbender has taken this trend on board and has used it in all sampling so as to be sure that the furniture is the focal point and that the attention to detail in the Woodbender designs are clear to see.

Photos by Anna Lusty: Made in my camera

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