Toscana No-back Kitchen Stool – Conveniently petite and pretty

23 May 2016

It’s always a challenge finding a set of kitchen stools for your home that fit your counter height, are modest in space required, durable and look good. Woodbender offers a wide range of solid wood kitchen stools, suitable to every kitchen need. A firm favourite is the Toscana No-back Kitchen Stool as it is petite and can disappear underneath the counter taking up no additional floor space. Upon special request Woodbender will also customise the height of the stools to ensure that they are comfortable to sit on at your specific counter height, although the standard kitchen stool height is 650mm for a 900mm counter.  Toscana No-back Kitchen Stool Available in your choice of timber finish and fabric the Toscana No-back Kitchen stool is a great addition to your home that will serve you well for many years to come. Toscana No Back Kitchen Stool TOSCANA NO-BACK KITCHEN STOOL seen in Natural Oak timber finish with Koolhide Plata fabric from Hertex. A tip is to choose one of the new vynals on the market for the seat as they have interesting texture, come in a range of gorgeous colours and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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