Three seat options for the Karoo

28 August 2013

Woodbender recently launched a new concept and look to their range in the form of the Karoo. 


The Karoo is an adaptation of the Francis and Plettenberg ranges and follows the same square contemporary lines. The difference with the Karoo is its back rest and the variety of seat options available. In its simplest form the Karoo is a square chair with two back rest slats and an upholstered cushion seat.


From this comes the adaptation of the strapping seats. There are two strapping materials used. 
The nylon strapping is synthetic webbing which is cost effective and trendy; it comes in an array of colours and is a material that Woodbender is very excited to explore and use. The Karoo Nylon Strapping had its debut for WDCCT 2014 dressed in a yellow frame and grey strapping.


The leather strapping is the more extravagant option which takes the Karoo Leather Strapping into a league of luxury. The leather strapping is only available in brown but the frame is able to be stained up to a colour of the client’s choice. 


The Karoo chairs are also all available as both kitchen and bar stools. The kitchen stool is designed to fit under a standard kitchen counter of 900 mm and the bar stool to fit under a standard bar counter of 1100 mm. 


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