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Optimise Space – Stack it!

28 August, 2014

Look no further than Woodbender’s Parklane stacking chair

Woodbender’s Parklane stacking chair is both practical and beautiful. For corporates it is a practical stacking chair, whilst also fulfilling the aesthetic need for a stylish dining or conferencing chair.

The Parklane has the following features:

·         comes standard and with a showwood top option which helps protect the fabric;

·         upholsters really well in two fabrics to create contrast and interest;

·         can stack 5 high;

·         has a rounded leg which is currently on trend;

·         is manufactured with solid bentwood components which ensure a strong, durable, green and unique product;

·         is handmade in South Africa; and

·         requires 1.4 metres of fabric (for standard upholstery – fabric split to be advised).