Metallics are making an impact

20 October 2015
Metallics are making an eye-catching impact on all décor surface areas – from chrome details to cushion covers. The colour is also not important – we are seeing a trend in everything metallic from subtle pastels and silver through to bold bright statements in gold, often set against black. Metallics bring in a touch of cool _MG_0103s ARABELLA LOWBACK TUB By their very nature, reflective metallic colours add an extra sense of space and glamour to every space – and really work well to brighten up small areas. Adding a metallic dash to a room done in more muted shades can also make a statement without being too over-the-top. Metallics say modern WOODBENDER_NEW_AD_CAMPAIGN_PROOF-6 PARKLANE SHOWWOOD There is no doubt about it, metallics add a contemporary twist to every room in which they appear. A piece of furniture upholstered in a striking metallic fabric – like our Showwood Parklanes in gold – add a touch of sophistication and eclectic style wherever they're placed. Metallics love wood WoodBender-10_retouch PLETTENBERG SERVER & SALSA STOOL Mixing organic textures like wood with the very modern allure of metallic creates a high contrast look, which is right on-trend at the moment. Wood's lovely tones complement metallic in any shade, creating furniture that is almost timeless in style. Make the most of Metallics Many of our customers are choosing metallic upholstery to contrast with the elegant lines of bentwood furniture and create a look which is both iconic and eye-catching. Find out more about creating your own customised bentwood furniture upholstered in striking metallics or how to give your existing Woodbender furniture a metallic face-lift by contacting us today. _MG_0962s PLETTENBERG BEDSIDE TABLE & HAMPSHIRE LOWBACK Original article found here on MY DOMAINE

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