Kitchen Stools vs Bar Stools: How to select the correct height for your application

Did you know that there is a difference in height between kitchen stools and bar stools? If you answered “no”, you’re not alone. Many of our customers are unaware of the difference and this makes selecting the correct design for their specific application challenging.

The combination of stool height and counter height is about more than just looks – an incorrect stool height impacts how people feel when taking a seat, both psychologically and physically. A stool that is too low can negatively impact the user’s confidence and can make eating or drinking uncomfortable. On the other end of the spectrum, a stool that is too high can lead to taller occupants bumping their knees under the counter and may make them feel as if they are looming over the counter top instead of sitting at it.

With that being said, calculating the correct height is a fairly simple task. Keep in mind that the optimum height for comfortable seating is 23-33cm of space between the countertop and the top of your seat. This allows people to comfortably cross their legs under the table if they wish to do so.

Kitchen counters and islands are typically in the range of 86-99cm in height, although the standard height is 91.5cm. A stool with a seat height of 61-66cm would work best for this application. Bar counters and tables are 102-109cm in height but can be higher. Opt for a stool with a seat height of 71-81cm.

Standard Kitchen Counter Height
Standard Bar Counter Height

We recommend consulting with one of our chair specialists when selecting stools for your space to ensure you order the right product for your needs.

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