Introducing the Cala

28 September 2021

Following the low backrest trend seen in dining chairs globally, we launched the Malmo a few years ago. The Malmo with its upholstered back and our signature showwood frame was well-received and so we decided to build momentum on its success by adapting its structure to answer further market demand and evolving design trends and are now proud to offer you the Cala.

Cala Chair & Stool 

The Cala’s distinct design element is the wide-open backrest. The top of the back and the extended legs have been designed to hug and support your back so, despite the openness, it is still very comfortable to sit in. In fact, it is so comfortable that at the Woodbender office it has been the preferred desk chair for one of the founders. In addition to the comfort, the open backrest encourages flow in a room. The perceived transparency of the chair assists the eye in moving freely from one end of the space to the next. This evolved silhouette makes the Cala ideal for applications where space is limited or when a more minimalist, fuss-free aesthetic is preferred. 

Cala Chair

With no upholstery on the backrest, the chance of wear and tear is reduced, making it ideal for high traffic areas or in homes with lots of little people buzzing around. The maintenance of the Cala is kept to an absolute minimum simply needing a light wipe down from time to time. As and when the seat upholstery is in need of a refresh, it is very easy to detach the seat and have it re-upholstered, breathing new life into the Cala for many more years to come. 

Cala Stool

Although it is a versatile chair in every sense of the word, it’s hard not to picture the Cala in a contemporary open-plan dining space where clean lines and simple silhouettes form part of the design aesthetic. The low height of the backrest means that one can comfortably rest their arm while chatting to the person next to them, encouraging a relaxed style of dining and social interaction. Whether in a private home or a hospitality setting, this comfortable chair is easy to move about and will no doubt be a welcome addition to any table it finds itself at.

Get in touch with our team of seating specialists to find out more about the Cala or to book out a sample. Alternatively, pop into one of our studio spaces to view it in person.

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