Introducing the Cala

20 August 2019

Woodbender is proud to present the Cala, a dining chair that embodies one of this year’s hottest design trends – low backrest seating.


The Cala’s shape is simplistic yet sturdy and is characterised by a low, open backrest. This design feature encourages flow in the room, as the perceived transparency of the chair assists the eye in moving freely from one end of the space to the next. Seating with a fully upholstered backrest or solid wood backrest certainly has its place in an appropriate setting, but if you’re going for a more minimalist approach or are short on space, then a chair like the Cala is ideal. Another benefit of not having a solid backrest is that the overall design of the chair requires less fabric than fully upholstered options. Cala The Cala’s distinct round edges and curved backrest make it an incredibly comfortable addition to any table. These features, combined with the low height of the backrest, mean that one can comfortably rest their arm on it while chatting to the person next to them - a relaxed style of dining and social interaction are encouraged. Cala   Although it is a versatile chair in every sense of the word, it’s hard not to picture the Cala in a contemporary open-plan dining space where clean lines and simplistic silhouettes form part of the design aesthetic. Whether this be in a private home or in a hospitality setting, this comfortable chair is easy to move about and will no doubt be a welcome addition to any table it finds itself at. Cala

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