How to choose the perfect restaurant chair

19 June 2018

Selecting chairs for your restaurant, coffee shop or bar is no easy task, especially when you consider how much time your customers will spend sitting on them. Here are a few key criteria to consider before you place your order. CHOOSE QUALITY  It’s tempting, given the long list of items a new or refurbished restaurant requires, to cut back on quality in an effort to save the budget. But, while choosing a cheaper chair may save you money now, it’s guaranteed to end up costing you more in the long run. Quality covers a range of things – how the chair is made, what it’s made of, how long it’s made to last, what type of fabric is used – so it’s important to ask the right questions when you’re looking into different options.

Alta, Horton Dinette & Toddlers Diner

Alta, Horten Dinette and Toddler's Diner

CHOOSE COMFORT  Whether your restaurant offers quick in-and-out meals or leisurely lunches and dinners, your customers’ comfort should always be paramount. After all, if you’re putting your energy and creativity into serving up delicious dishes that will have them coming back time and again, you want them to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they’re enjoying them. CHOOSE THE RIGHT STYLE  Your establishment’s appearance and atmosphere play an important role in setting the scene for the food you serve, so it’s crucial that every detail, including your chairs, is carefully matched to your design style.

Riga & Horton Dinette

Riga and Horten Dinette

CHOOSE WOODBENDER  For over 30 years, we’ve delivered quality bentwood furniture, handcrafted by a team of specialists, to the hospitality sector and others looking for statement pieces that are beautiful, comfortable and made to last. Each item is manufactured in solid Ash timber imported from certified and sustainably managed forests in North America and is made to order, so we can help you create the perfect chair for your space, whatever your design inspiration. Ready to chat to us about your requirements? Give us a call on +27 21 854 6034 or email us at info@woodbender.co.za.

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