Hidden benefits of supporting local

13 May 2016

"The benefits of supporting local are obvious.

  • Job creation
  • Supporting local industry and trade
  • Building the local and national economy
  • Affordable local alternative to expensive imports
  • Sense of patriotism and pride in South African made products

There are however further less obvious benefits to supporting local. Woodbender is a Western Cape based company with the factory in Strand where it was established 28 years ago. With a growing team each year, now exceeding 50 we can offer further benefits to supporting local:

  • More price stability: due to high content of locally sourced materials with less price fluctuations than imported materials.
  • No stock issues: we manufacture everything to order and hold no stock. Using the Just in Time manufacture method we are able to hold short lead times and always deliver on time.
  • Top up orders: being a local manufacturer makes it easy to supply top up orders of the exact same product you ordered years ago.
  • Easy delivery: we arrange all delivery both nationally and internationally. If buying in South Africa there are no export logistics just a 3-5 day wait for your order to arrive. Having said that we are also SADC registered to aid trade between other African countries.


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