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19 September 2012


This month we are featuring the Milano Tub.

The Milano Tub forms part of our Tub Chair range. The Milano Tub forms part of the larger Milano family which consists of dining chairs, in the form of a side chair and carver, as well as bar and kitchen stools which have the option of being with or without arms.

The Milano Tub differs to it's cousins the Toscana and Genoa Tubs in that the thin vertical slats run all the way down to the base ring which elongates the back and contributes to the overall elegance of the tub.

Genoa, Milano and Toscana Tubs

Toscana Tub and Milano Tub with the vertical slats going down to the base ring

The Milano Tub is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different applications ranging from a feature piece in a lounge, in a foyer, in a spacious bathroom or bedroom, in a restaurant waiting area, in hotel rooms etc. The Milano design celebrates the beauty of the Ash timber. The Milano Tub also provides comfort from both the luxurious cushion and also the wooden slatting which has been designed to take the shape of your back and provide support.

Arabella Lowback Two Seater, Toscana Coffee Table with Milano Tubs
(background: Indaba Fully Upholstered Bar Stools and Classic Bar Pedestal)

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