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Discover: Hilton

5 June, 2012

Woodbender’s Hilton is a new product that was launched this year with a new name. When it was first developed at the end of last year it was known as the Toscana Back and Seat. However we felt this chair has enough style and individuality to be able to carry off it’s own name. 

The Hilton is a very stylish and contemporary looking chair that comes out of our Fine Dining range. It has a sister product called the Hilton Carver
There are also the accompanying stool options.
What we love about the Hilton is it’s elegant lines and uniqueness in our range.
When looking at the fine dining page in our catalogue or on our website it is a very unique looking chair.
I would imagine it to look very beautiful in an up market sushi restaurant stained in Ebony and with a white leatherette. Or maybe even in a little girl’s bedroom, lime washed and with a pastel floral print. Like most of our styles, this chair is so versatile and so with a bit of imagination for the finish and fabric you can create a look for the chair that will serve as a statement and talking piece in any setting.