Discover: Clarens

27 February 2013


This month we take a closer look at the Clarens. A unique Woodbender design which emphasises the beautiful grain in the Ash timber wood.


The Clarens forms part of our Casual Dining range which is characterised by the thicker back leg and D-shaped seat.

The Clarens comes in a Bar Stool and Kitchen Stool option to sit at the standard bar counter of 750cm and kitchen counter height of 650cm.


The Clarens dresses up really well and shows off the different Timber Finishes beautifully. Have a look at the Clarens in different colours, fabrics and settings:

Clarens in a Duco red finish and in Hertex Fabrics: Il Scripto- Red, Romance- Blue, Amy- Sand and Montespan- Rose.

Clarens in a Limewash and Walnut finish in Hertex Fabric: Contemporary Canvas- Parchment
Photograph by : Anna Lusty Photography

Clarens in a farmstyle kitchen

Clarens at a Plettenberg Dinette both in Walnut and in a Hertex Fabric: Contemporary Canvas- Lichen
Photograph by : Anna Lusty Photography

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