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26 October 2012


The Captain's Classic Chair is a popular favourite of Woodbender. It comes from our traditional range and is an iconic example of a bentwood chair. The Woodbender Captain's Classic look has developed over the years. Below are two of the original Captain's Classic Designs.

This traditional classic has had a come back recently featuring in many trendy interiors both locally and internationally. We think the Captain's Classic is popular and on the comeback because it's a small chair which can comfortably fit around a small dining table whilst still having the comfort of arms. It is the opposite of everything metal and modern which makes it versatile and suitable to a larger variety of interior styles. Whether it is in a stain finish or paint finish it can be changed and up-cycled with a sand down and re-colour, creating an uber elegant or rustic feel depending on the look you are going for.

The Captian's Classic also comes in two stool heights, kitchen counter height and bar counter height. Anyone who has visited Cape Town Fish Market will be familiar with the bar stools around the Sushi Bar.


CTFM has both Captain's Classic chairs and bar stools in their restaurants.

The Captain's Classic chair has been a favourite in our photoshoots as well.

Photo by Anna Lusty

Photo by Anna Lusty

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