Discover: Arabella Lowback Diner

04 May 2012


Woodbender's feature chair for May is the Arabella Lowback Diner.

The Arabella Lowback Diner is from the Fine Dining Range. It is a beautiful and majestic dining chair to have around a large wooden table. While it also features in our Occassional Range, the Arabella Lowback Diner is at the standard dining seat height of 500mm, with arms that are designed to fit comfortably under a table.

The Arabella Lowback Tub is lower with a full arm which makes it a lovely version of the Arabella Lowback Diner to relax in.


As with all of Woodbender's Arabellas there is an accompanying highback version of the Arabella Diner. This makes a beautiful head-of-table feature, alternatively to have the table surrounded by the Arabella Highback Diners also creates an intimate and luxurious feel to the dining setting.


The Arabella Lowback Diner is also popular as a feature chair because of it's quirky shape and can be turned into a statement piece when upholstered in a bold colourful print and sprayed a bright duco on the legs. It is an elegant piece of furniture that is functional but at the same time can create some quirkiness and fun in a room.

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