Discover: Arabella Highback

27 March 2013

ARABELLA HIGHBACK                    ARABELLA HIGHBACK SHOWWOOD ARMS       ARABELLA HIGHBACK SHOWWOOD This month we focus on the Arabella Highback. The Arabella Highback was developed during the start of our inhouse upholstery division opening. The Arabella range has been designed to meet both domestic and contract clients' needs. The Arabella Highback has a domestic appeal for sitting rooms, enterance halls and bedrooms. The Arabella Highback with Showwood Arms starts to blend more into contract use with the wooden detail on the arms. This is to preserve the fabric on the armrest. The Arabella Highback Showwood is for intense contract use with bentwood detail on the top of the backrest and on the arms. The contract market finds this useful as the furniture lasts longer and is more durable. The Arabella Highback also comes in a Two Seater version, which is great for waiting rooms and reception areas. The Two Seater has a small footprint and yet two people can sit on it comfortably. The Arabella Highback Showood was chosen to feature on the cover of our latest Product Catalogue. Something that we are working on and which was proposed by a member of our upholstery team is a wingback version of the Arabella Highback. This product is not for sale yet, as it is still undergoing more R&D but it is something that we are looking into. The Arabella Highback is the welcoming chair at the showroom in Kramerville and is seen below in Hertex Fabrics: Bouquet- Sky The Arabella Highback dresses up or down so well adding a statement to a room or blending in with the other pieces to form unity. See below for more pictures of the Arabella Highback. * * * *


** Photographed by Anna Lusty for Anna Lusty Photography"

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