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Combining texture and colour

24 April, 2016


Salsa Stool, Chelsea Tub, Chelsea Tub, Chelsea Two Seater

The lounge/ sitting room is possibly the best place in the home to flex your creative flair and create a comfortable space that expresses your personality. It’s where you entertain your guests and is often the part of the home that your guests know best. There are various ways to go about this.

A good start is with your furniture. Choose styles that are comfortable and resonate to your home’s aesthetic whilst being unique and of special interest to you. Next is to choose the colours to bring in the character. We recommend mixing and matching texture and colour. Use different textures on different pieces of furniture but ensure that the palette all ties in together nicely. Play it safe with neutral colour on interesting texture and then throw in a splash of colour.

HE5A1530 HE5A1560 HE5A1579

This year we are loving the dark charcoals and whites with a splash of burnt orange to break it.
A tip is to bring in the accent on one piece so that it is easy to freshen up when it comes time for a change.