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Buying a Chair?

15 September, 2014

Some points to ponder


Woodbender has been in the specialist field of manufacturing wooden chairs for 26 years. With years of perfecting chair design these are the considerations we see as essential for a prospective chair buyer.

  1. Application and lifespan?

The chair is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your living or working space. Holding our weight is the easy part. Chairs are dragged in and out of position, are rocked on, stood on and balanced on. With this in mind your application and lifespan requirements of your chairs need to be carefully considered before committing to the cheapest/most expensive option. A further consideration for the application is whether or not it needs to be indoor, outdoor, or both.

  1. Cost?

Based on your application and lifespan requirements the cost needs to be considered. A chair required to last many years in terms of durability and styling may require spending more. A chair that is simply filling an intermediary purpose or used rarely and therefore more for decorative purposes can get away with being in the lower price bracket and still meet your needs satisfactorily.

  1. Style?

Each interior or exterior space requires careful consideration of the chair style. Are you looking for statement pieces? Purely functional? Modern? Classic? Quirky? All these factors will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space.

  1. Local vs Import?

A final consideration is whether or not you require a locally manufactured product or an imported product. The benefits of local are that you are more likely to be able to replace or “top-up” your order at a later stage. The lead times and delivery times are relatively short and you are able to support local trade and industry. Whilst imported furniture offers a wide range of styling, availability is dependent on the stock holdings of the supplier. Local products allow for client customisations in terms of fabrics and timber finishes.

When buying a Woodbender chair you get the following:

·    A chair that is long lasting and durable due to the unique manufacture method using steam bent solid wood components which minimises joints and utilises the strength of the timber fibres.

·   Mid-range pricing.

·   Classic and contemporary styling which complement any interior space.

·   A world-class local product that allows you to add your own customisation in terms of fabric and finish.