1 August, 2018 Thirty years ago, inspired by his love of woodwork and fascination with the old-world art of wood bending, Charles Mast planted the first seeds of the Woodbender legacy, when he started crafting and selling cottage-style furniture. Around the same time, he also began learning to bend wooden parts with his wife, Shirley, and father, John, for what was to become the company’s first chair!
Oden Two Seater
26 July, 2018 Have you found the perfect couch and need to decide on a colour? With so many options available, it can be a tough choice. Here are three questions to ask yourself, to make the decision a little easier – and remember to give yourself enough time to make a choice ...
17 July, 2018 Andrew has, quite literally, grown up with Woodbender. His father, Charles, founded the company in 1988, with his mother, Shirley, and grandfather, John, joining a short time later. Growing up, Andrew seriously considered becoming a pilot or doctor, but later realised that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play his part in the family business.
Winter Reading Nook 2
11 July, 2018 Ever thought about designing your own reading nook? This small, snug space is the perfect place to escape to with a good book and a cup of something warm and delicious – and creating one is easier than you think.
“You can never get a cup of tea large enough ...
How to make your home cosier this winter
29 June, 2018 Cold and rainy weather calls for a warm touch when it comes to your décor. Here are some easy ways to make your home cosy and inviting this winter.
26 June, 2018 Choosing an upholstery fabric for a chair or couch allows you to customise and transform the look of the piece. It’s an exciting part of the process and also an important one, as you’ll be living with the result for a long time. To make sure your fabric ticks all ...
Alta, Riga & Horton Dinette
19 June, 2018 Selecting chairs for your restaurant, coffee shop or bar is no easy task, especially when you consider how much time your customers will spend sitting on them. Here are a few key criteria to consider before you place your order.
Andre Gouws
11 June, 2018 Andre may only have joined us at the beginning of May, but he’s already become part of the furniture at Woodbender. He brings a wealth of experience to his position, having worked across several different industries and a diverse range of markets, and we’re excited to have him on board. ...
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