SOS Africa
28 November, 2018 As part of our 30th birthday initiatives, we really wanted to give something back to a community close to us and heard about a after care club in need of support. So as a first step, we decided to donate veggie boxes to be used by the after care club to provide food for students.
Young Families
20 November, 2018 It can be a difficult decision choosing upholstery fabric for a new or existing piece of furniture. Even more so when you have a family to consider. Here are four practical ways to ensure that the fabric you choose stands up well to grubby feet (and paws).
Toscana Dining Table
7 November, 2018 Always dreamt of opening your own coffee shop, family restaurant or fine dining establishment? Perhaps you’ve already taken the first step and signed a lease on the perfect location? Wherever you are in your journey, take a moment to consider this practical interior design advice. We’ve also included some valuable ...
29 October, 2018 Sun-filled days, seasonal salads and sweet sorbets… Summer’s here and it’s time to let the sunshine into your home! Here are five simple ways to make it happen.
29 October, 2018 There’s nothing quite like curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. And the right bedside table is the perfect complement to this cosy bedtime ritual. It’s where you’ll place your mug while drinking your tea and your book when you’re done reading.
30 Years
17 October, 2018 With 30 years’ worth of business experience behind us, we’ve certainly learned the importance of being adaptable in order to keep our customers’ wants and needs a top priority.
Sprayers - Blog Pic
Story of a Chair
21 September, 2018 Once the customer has decided on the design of their chair – whether it be an occasional chair, dining room chairs, kitchen or bar stools – the journey relocates to the Woodbender factory.
12 September, 2018 The journey of a Woodbender chair starts; the first time a customer makes contact. Whether they’re looking for occasional chairs, dining room chairs, kitchen stools or bar stools, we have a wide selection of styles to choose from.