29 May, 2017 What’s happening the artisanal wooden furniture world – specifically occasional chairs, bar stools and hospitality chairs? Shirley Mast of Woodbender tells us more.
Post machiners
18 April, 2017 Eric and Elliot are our longest serving members at Woodbender serving nearly 21 and 20 years respectively. We chatted with them to find out a bit more about their special department that prepares the wooden components for the chair assembly.
18 April, 2017 We’re hugely excited about the newest addition to our range: the RIGA. Stylistically, this is a big departure from our past designs, but we’ve still maintained the durability and handcrafted quality that Woodbender is known and loved for.
Forage outside
2 March, 2017 The Forage concept is completely unique as it focuses on serving entirely indigenous dishes (all sourced from within 100km), meaning that chef Greg and his team forage for ingredients in the veld on a daily basis.
Cutters and benders
24 February, 2017
Dawid, Thembinkosi (Welcome), Kenneth and Michael are part of the Woodbender family and they make up the Cutting and Bending team. Some of them have been working at the company for 15 years producing our solid wood furniture, while the newest recruit has been there a year and a ...
24 February, 2017 While the bentwood chair may seem sleek and modern, its design is actually centuries old. As its name suggests, the bentwood chair is made using a unique woodbending technique that makes it sturdy yet stylish, with a simple beauty that’s timelessly elegant. So what’s the history behind this classic chair?
22 September, 2016 The Soho is a great chair to express your creativity as you can play with different fabrics on the upholstery panels. As pictured we made use of three colours. A dark grey with complementing chairs in a lighter shade of grey and acid yellow velvet around an Oxblood Plettenberg Dining table.