BHC Design Students 2014

30 October 2013

"Woodbender has had the privilege of working with BHC Design School’s students for a second year.

This year we had the privilege of working with the second year interior design students; they were required to develop a bentwood chair concept from scratch that would suit a restaurant dining application. The project was broken up into three parts. The first involved a tour of the Woodbender factory in Strand which was lead by co-owner Charles Mast. Charles has spent years researching the solid wood bending process and has come to a point of perfecting it and using it in all of the furniture manufactured at Woodbender. The students were taken through the factory and at each station the process was thoroughly explained to them. They were then able to spend time examining and analysing the most common bentwood components used at Woodbender. The students measured and photographed these pieces so that they could use them in the conceptualising of their chairs.

The second part of the project involved Charles visiting the studio in Woodstock and going through each of their designs, pointing out areas that would make the manufacturing of their chairs more possible and that would make the chairs more comfortable and practical.

After weeks of hard work and research and hours spent on the technical drawings the students were ready to present their concepts in the final stage of the project. Charles selected his top five chairs. The selection process was based on functionality and whether the design was going to be possible to be made by Woodbender. Tanje Visser’s chair was chosen as the winning design and will be made at the Woodbender factory.

Some of the other finalists work can also be seen.

Tanje's chair is in the process of being manufactured, watch this space.


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