Another Twist on the Karoo Nylon Strapping Chair

20 November 2013

Woodbender's Karoo Nylon Strapping Chair has been a firm favourite amongst the media and clients ever since it was launched in the yellow with grey strapping for the WDCCT 2014 offices. Woodbender was overwhelmed at the response to this chair and is most happy to see that our clients are using the timber finish and strapping colour customisation options. Most recently a client chose a natural oak finish with red strapping for their 6 Karoo Nylon Strapping chairs. This combination of natural timber with a bright primary colour worked together in perfect harmony. KAROO NYLON STRAPPING CHAIR It is always inspiring to see how our clients choose to dress up their Woodbender chairs and to see their creativity shine in the final product. A distinctive feature of Woodbender furniture is that, because of the timber finish and fabric customisations available, it is very rare that a chosen timber finish and fabric combination will be repeated in the factory. We focus on making each piece unique and specifically designed for the setting it is to go into.

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