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Adaptable headboards for the bedroom

21 June, 2016

Woodbender has two styles of headboards that not many people know about.

The Toscana 

Toscana Headboard

and the Plettenberg

Plettenberg Headboard

The beauty of a Woodbender headboard is that they are handmade from solid Ash timber and made to the specified dimensions that will best fit your bed. By this we mean that we will customise the length of the headboard and the height so that your mattress and bed base fit perfectly up against it. A second unique feature is that the headboard can be fastened directly onto the wall which is a practical and useful option for the hospitality applications but also onto the bed base depending on your specific needs.

Headboard in bedroom

Toscana Headboard, Toscana Ottoman and Arabella Lowback Diner

Available in your choice of timber finish, choose a colour and style that will add the finishing touch to your bedroom.